Hep B United New Jersey is a statewide public health awareness and education campaign that addresses the growing severity of hepatitis B and liver cancer in New Jersey through the establishment of the New Jersey Hep B Coalition. The New Jersey Hep B Coalition’s mission is to:

(1) Raise the profile of hepatitis B and liver cancer as an urgent health priority;

(2) Promote hepatitis B testing and vaccination, particularly among at‐risk populations;

(3) Stimulate community engagement and involvement to improve access to care for both prevention and treatment to reduce the local burden of hepatitis B and liver cancer.

Given the burden of the disease on New Jersey’s growing Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) populations, improved hepatitis B surveillance, culturally appropriate public health campaigns, enhanced availability of testing and vaccination of persons at risk, and linkage to good quality and comprehensive care- considered promising practices- are needed statewide in order to see measurable declines in this disparity.